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Becoming a Member

Becoming A MEMBER

Its easy to become a member of the Victorian Pinto Society Inc. all forms required for membership, registration and/or transfer are listed under the forms menu.

Once your Membership has been processed by our Registrar, you will receive a “New Member Package” containing much more information about the Society including: the Constitution, Rules & Regulations, which should answer any questions you may have.  Please note this is also available for download at the bottom of this page.

As a member you will then receive a newsletter every quarter.  This will contain information on all coming events, including contact details for events with Pinto classes.

All VPS event programs will be available for download prior to the show from this website.  For anyone unable to download a program, the dates will be advertised in the newsletter & you can send a stamped, self addressed envelope to the Show Secretary to receive a programs and entry form.

Our Society has annual ‘end of season’ awards, which will all be detailed in your Membership Package.  If your child is going to be showing the Pinto, and you would like them to be eligible for our ‘Youth Awards’ then the Membership and Registration must either be in their name, or they must be listed on the family
Membership.  A Youth is designated to be 18yrs of age and under.

If there is anything more you wish to know about the Society, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Correct details must accompany all applications for membership.
The VPS is now accepting applications for membership online this can be completed by selecting the correct link via the ‘Register Online’ Menu located above.

If you require and Application forms for membership this can be obtained by phoning the Registrar on 0438 502 370 between 9am and 5pm only or in writing to 329 Pipers Creek Rd, Kyneton VIC 3444 

Any person owning a Pinto or who is interested in the Pinto shall be eligible for membership.

  • Full financial members over the age of 18 are eligible to vote at any meeting.
    Membership may be in joint or multiple names, however one membership shall only have one vote.
  • Associate membership is a social membership receiving newsletters and yearbook.
  • Associate members are not entitled to register animals, vote at meetings or eligible for committee positions.


You must become a member of the Victorian Pinto Society in order to register a Pinto.




This recording expires when fillies or geldings reach 2yrs of age.  The Pinto must then be Adult Registered with this Society.  Colts may stay foal recorded up to the age of 4yrs before being Adult Registered, for the purpose of showing only, but MAY be Adult Registered at 2yrs of age if desired.  Service Certificates will not be issued to Foal Recorded Colts.


All mares and geldings aged 2 years and over are registered by post. Take two (2) photos  –  one of each side of the side of the animal. Photos must be clear, directly side on and show all of the animal

If you require any assistance with registeringt your pinto please contact our very helpful registrar for more information:

Helen Atherton

Email: or Phone: 0438 502 370 between 9am and 5pm only

Unsure on how to present your Pinto?

Check out our Member Gallery to get some ideas